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February Fog

February in England offers little in the way of cheer. By now, we’re all done with the weather. Somehow, when the cold descends in late October, we tell ourselves that it “suits” the time of year: little flame-lit porches and pumpkins (yes, US friends, we have adopted this a little now) make the chilly evenings a bit more exciting…

and later, when we have our own holiday of Guy Fawkes’ night on November 5th – well, it would feel just wrong if we didn’t have cold hands and noses whilst we watch the fireworks display. By December, we are so caught up in the twinkle and glitter of Christmas that the cold is part of the fun; we actively want snow by now, and when it comes, well it’s fun, isn’t it..


Then the New Year distracts us all with its shiny promises and fresh starts – but February, well, it’s just damp, grey and cold. On and on and on. Today, if you tried to work out where the sun actually is in the sky, I’d wager you couldn’t find it, the fogginess is so dense. “Where’s spring?” we bleat, knowing it’s weeks away, and feeling bad that we have nothing to complain about really, when our friends in Canada and the States have PROPER winters.

But wait: what’s that you say? There is a holiday? Ah yes – Valentine’s Day! Maybe this is why we all go for it so much, even though deep down we know it’s cheesy and we are paying way too much for flowers, and dinner reservations, and those teeny chocolates that will be half price on the 15th anyway…Yes, because February offers us nothing, so we love Valentine’s all the more for that. Designers go nuts for Valentine’s: perhaps because the heart motif is so cute, and everyone loves a bit of pink kitsch..

So, in case you were feeling the love a little early, here are four heart-themed designs from A Square a Day [http://www.ivypress.co.uk/books/a-square-a-day/] to whet your appetite.

heartlandcross my heartbobble heartheartfelt

If you would be so kind as to excuse my amateur photography and allow for the fact these are pre-blocking (and in the case of the bobbles, a bit wonky because of that), they are, from left: Heartland, designed by me; Cross My Heart, designed by Lucy Adam; Bobble Heart, designed by me, and Heartfelt, designed by Lindsay Obermeyer.

I’ll be posting more about how we all went about working on this epic book over the next few weeks but for now, hope this inspires you to hunker down, grab a mug of hot chocolate and make something cosy for someone you love. I might just be putting the dog into a heart-themed coat if I can get it finished in time…!