London Knitter Tells All


I’ve never been a diary-keeper. Writing about what I’m up to feels a bit alien; maybe I’m a bit shy, or perhaps it puts your activities into sharp focus (did I really spend all day just looking at kimono patterns on the internet?!) but I’m going to give it a go, after too long procrastinating. We’ll call this a journal, a diary, whatever it develops into.


If you’re here then you probably already know that I’m a knitter and crocheter for the most part. Sometimes that’s all done with my hands and sticks, sometimes with my beloved Japanese machines. I’m distracted by lovely patterns, a good food market, healthy recipes and my silly dog.


I’ll try and post on most days, be it work in progress, new pieces, book or pattern news, things that inspire me, or just plain daft stuff. I’d love to hear from anyone who’s interested in my ramblings.


3 thoughts on “London Knitter Tells All

  1. Venus Art

    Oh, glad to see you are navigating new fields. I have been meaning to do something like a blog, but then I keep thinking, what on earth would I say!! I will keep up with your posts (it might encourage me to get off my butt and get more into the technology). And yes your ramblings a very interesting.

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  2. Lindsay Obermeyer

    enjoy! Make a list of topics so you don’t feel stuck for ideas. I often write 4-5 posts in a day and then time when they go live. Makes it a bit easier. I’m getting back into the swing of mine. Good luck. I fiund it helpful to write out my thought process in order to keep me focused,

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